Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Program of the Year

Very nice dinner and the Program of the Year Award was announced with a video that included appearances by Trauma Joe and Matt!  We all went on stage with Sean to accept the award.  I think a link has been emailed to everybody for the video. 


Day 1

Day 1...classes, exhibit hall, lunches, dinners.  Jello shots at a billing booth.  Did I mention beverages?  Caught up with old friends from Hospital Wing in Memphis.

Jello shots with Donna....every other booth was giving away pens and t-shirts. 
This air medical billing company was giving away jello shots, bloody marys and margaritas!

Air Methods/Guardian Air



AeroCare EC and the REACH talk show area



Jan (Chief Flight Nurse at Hospital Wing) & Me

New flight footwear...reinforced toe and CAMTS approved!

Oceanside poster at the registration desk

Queen Mary made of legos

Monday, October 19, 2015

The Day Before Day 1

Having a Starbucks coffee shop on the ship turned out to be mega-convenient this morning...because the Carnival Imagination parked next to us sometime during the night and the chimes to disembark rang at 0700.  In hindsight I guess sleeping with the portholes open was not such a good idea.


We drove over the bridge to the convention center to deliver the gift basket that my cupcake blog is donating to the Medevac Foundation silent auction and got to see a sneak peek at the exhibit hall.  I don't want to reveal anything yet because the Med-Trans team is still setting up....but our display is AWESOME!  The exhibit hall opens at noon tomorrow.  Those of us participating as faculty assistants had a meeting this afternoon to get our conference assignments.  We will be introducing the speakers, making sure the rooms have everything needed and answering general questions using the AMTC2015 App...which is fabulous by the way.  As most of you know I am not a fan of social media but this app has got it going on!  I reconnected with some of my Hospital Wing peeps from Memphis (flew with them for almost 10 years).
Thank you for lunch Chris Shrader and to our admin team for the beverages.  See y'all tomorrow!
Sneak peek at our display
(there is a red helicopter parked right in front of the us)

Carpe Cupcakes!  gift basket


Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Road to AMTC

So....we left Sacramento around 1300 today in a silver Camaro convertible.  Alamo did not have the convertible I had reserved and it reminded me of the Seinfeld rental car episode.  Worth watching if you have not seen it.  The guy at the counter tried to get me to take a Mazda Miata but a six-hour drive in a Miata did not sound like a good thing after an all-night transport to San eventually he gave me a Camaro convertible.  Winning! 

Sarah and I left Sacramento and it was a fairly boring drive until we got to the Grapevine. We hit a bit of L.A. traffic but when we parked in front of the Queen Mary it was worth it.  It looks just like the Titanic!  I can see Rose and Jack in the hallways.  So beautiful.  We explored the ship and tried to crash a wedding on one of the upper decks....rejected! 

REACH is a host program at AMTC this year and will be receiving Program of the Year honors at the awards dinner Monday night.  Stay tuned...AMTC starts tomorrow!

The Queen Mary looks just like the Titanic

Bold...Accurate & Concise ship communication 

Photo Bomb

My porthole window (Long Beach skyline)

Queen Mary selfie